Išplėtimo dėžė PREVIDIA PRCAB
Išplėtimo dėžė PREVIDIA PRCAB
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Išplėtimo dėžė PREVIDIA PRCAB

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Metal cabinet for housing IFM and FPM modules.

Each cabinet contains a CAN DRIVE bar equipped with the connectors necessary for the IFM internal modules (max. 8) and the CAN BUS cable for communication with FPM frontplate modules (max. 2) or with the adjoined cabinets. The front of the cabinet provides two apertures for mounting two FPM front-plate modules and the grounding connections. Each cabinet can house one IFM24160 power supply module. Each cabinet can house two 12V, 24Ah or 17Ah batteries. Each cabinet is equipped with an earth bar for the IFM modules and the loop shields.

The cabinet can be mounted to the wall or adjoined to one or two other cabinets. In order to expand the operating capacity of FPMCPU units, it is possible to join together several cabinets (max. 4), each add-on cabinet accepts two FPM modules and eight IFM modules on the CAN bar. A range of cabinet accessories is available for specific installation needs:

  • spacer kit for distancing the cabinet 5cm from the wall (PRCABSP) 
  • 19” rack mount kit (PRCABRK)



- Dimensions: 433 x 563 x 187mm 
- Weight (without batteries): 10Kg 
- Degree of protection: IP30 
- Housed batteries: 2 x 12V 24Ah or 2 x 12V 17Ah 
- Cable knockouts

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